Tour de Tanks Maple Bottom

Great time at the Tour de Tanks Event

Girls of Cold Weather Aquaponics

Sara & Annali Enjoying Tasty Breakfast Straight from the Aquaponics

We had a great time at the Tour de Tanks event at Maple Bottom (our little urban homestead) this weekend.  Beautiful weather and even more beautiful conversations!

Got the try out the new backyard classroom.  Had some of the most creative and thoughtful questions and suggestions from Paul, Ben, Don, and Jocelyn.  Stellar breakfast prepared and served by Elizabeth, Elizabeth, and Marilou.   Gorgeous photos by Kent Sweitzer.

My personal favorite moment was when Ben’s six-year-old son Finn met the trout.  He didn’t take his eyes off the tank for at least an hour.

Enjoy the photos.  The full album can be found at

Can’t wait to keep the conversation going!
Cold Weather Aquaponics Tour de Tanks

Cold Weather Aquaponics Backyard Classroom

Backyard Classroom

Cold Weather Aquaponics Greenhouse Shot

Greenhouse in Full Bloom

Backyard with Aquaponic Greenhouse

The Homestead with Hairy Vetch Cover Crop

Homestead at Maple Bottom

Our Little Home

Flowers at Tour de Tanks

Flowers a-Bloomin

Tank for use at the Permaculture Convergence Workshop

Tank for use at the Permaculture Convergence Workshop

Big Smile from Elizabeth

Big Smile from Elizabeth