Fish Tank Paint

How my Fish Tanks Failed

The response and feedback from my recent talks make it apparent to me that – more than anything else – everyone loves a story.

The most popular kind of story, it seems, is one about a stupid thing that someone else did, and what they learned from it. I was glad to hear that, because I’ve got dozens upon dozens of those. More than anything else, that’s what makes me a good teacher. I’ve done just about everything wrong that can be done wrong.

If bonehead moves fit in boxes, I’d need a warehouse to store them, with one of those high speed distribution warehouse forklifts. But then this would probably happen to me and then I’d have to teach about all the stupid things that happened to me with my forklift.

Anyhow, here’s another story from my misspent aquaponic youth.  It’ll help answer the question of why – in my fish tank pictures – the insides are black, while the paint I sell is white.