Jeremiah and Gramma with ChickenJeremiah Robinson is eager to hear your ideas and help you turn them into reality. He would love to work with you to turn your backyard, basement, or rooftop into a lush and enjoyable plant-and-fish growing paradise.

He regularly gives talks and workshops on aquaponics, writes for Aquaponics Survival Communities and offers tours of Maple Bottom, his permaculture homestead in Madison, WI. If you’re in the area, he’d love to have you over for coffee and eggs to talk about his favorite topics: aquaponics, permaculture, energy efficiency, and intentional community.

Back Story

An energy efficiency engineer by day, at night (and weekends)  Jeremiah raises a variety of fish and plants in his custom-built backyard aquaponic greenhouse.

After building his system, connecting with other growers, and discovering – to his surprise – that nobody else in Madison grows using aquaponics, he felt it his duty to pass along his experiences so that others might benefit.

While beginning to promote aquaponics and share his ideas locally, some experienced growers suggested that his little backyard system has some nifty features for cold weather growing that they’ve never seen before, and that he ought to share his design ideas more widely. Apparently very few people grow aquaponically in the cold weather parts of the world because they haven’t figured out how to do it economically.  Who knew?

So here he is, writing a blog, offering design and construction services, and selling products for budding backyard cold climate aquapons.

Other Lives

As engineer for DNV GL, Jeremiah has a number of years of experience evaluating the energy efficiency of all sorts of commercial, industrial, and residential building systems.

Prior to that, he designed power and communications systems for commercial buildings for Mead & Hunt.

On Sundays he worships at Madison Mennonite Church with the community of people he loves.

He is married to a lovely, fun, and patient woman named Sara, with a curious little daughter named Cora.

7 Responses

  1. Anne
    Anne / 11-10-2014 / ·

    Wondering if you have any communities using your aquaponics in Montreal?

    1. J-F
      J-F / 11-17-2014 / ·

      I live in Montreal and I’m looking for other aquaponics enthusiasts.
      You can contact me at the following:

  2. Clif Tomasini
    Clif Tomasini / 3-3-2015 / ·


    My name is Clif, I live and work in Madison and would like to meet you sometime. At the moment I am conducting a project on a commercial hydroponics farm for the company I work for. I have been in the hydroponics industry for the last 4 years. There may be some things we can work on together.


  3. carol coren
    carol coren / 10-14-2015 / ·

    I am trying to set up urban aquaponic enterprises as community development engines in challenged neighborhoods of US cities. The model must pencil out to support investor who will be borrowing no more than $250,000 from Community Dev Finance Institution or SBA to set up and start enterprise. Your focus on cold weather/low cost is of great interest. Info and advice is welcome. !

    1. Jeremiah Robinson
      Jeremiah Robinson / 10-15-2015 / ·

      Hi Carol,

      I’m afraid that aquaponics is poorly suited for community development. It is very risky, marginally profitable at best, and offers very few paying jobs. Growing Power and Sweet Water Organics have had to learn this the hard way. Community development, aquaculture, and hydroponics are each disciplines that it takes at least a decade to become proficient in. Combining all three is not for the young or faint of heart.


  4. Ramona
    Ramona / 1-6-2017 / ·

    Interested in developing my skills in aquaponics in Zone 7 (Dreamland on the Potomac aka, WashDC). Starting with a home system before going bigger.

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