Combo: Zero-Hero and Fish Tank Plans


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This is the page for ordering and downloading both the Zero to Hero System Construction Manual and the Freezer to Fish Tank Conversion Manual.

The Zero to Hero System is big enough to allow you to raise 35 tilapia or trout at once and grow 66 plants with good spacing, you can build this simple 4×8′ aquaponics system in a weekend from soup-to-nuts for $730 (shipping included).

The Freezer to Fish Tank Plans will give you all the information you’ll need to convert a freezer into a FDA potable-water safe (fish safe) fish tank that will keep you fish growing all winter long with minimal heating inputs. Instructions include:

  • How to plumb a freezer for use with aquaponics.
  • How to install a window so your fish can see.
  • How to water-seal your freezer and use fish tank paint.

Following purchase you’ll be directed to the download location.  

4 Responses

  1. Matthew
    Matthew / 11-12-2014 / ·

    I can’t get all the files that I bought.

    I placed the order and paid through Paypal, and then promptly received an email with three links to download the three PDF files.

    The file downloads failed repeatedly when I clicked on the links in the email (using google inbox on chrome). I then began copying the link URLs and pasting them into Firefox. I was able to download one of the three files this way. The other two addresses yield a page saying that I’ve reached my download limit.

    If I can get the remaining two files (two sets of fishtank plans: one freezer, one not?) then I will come back and provide a proper review of the contents of the files.

  2. Bill
    Bill / 4-4-2016 / ·

    I bought the combo plans, but see no where to download them

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